There comes a point where you and your carer/partner become concerned about what happens to the person with Parkinson’s, if the person who checks that medication is being taken on time, and generally keeps an eye on them, suddenly becomes ill or is involved in an accident. This may not be you at the moment, but it is important to know about what is available to help you before you get to that point.

The Carer’s Trust in Rugby have introduced a service this year called Cress, which is free, funded by the local council. Once you have registered with them, and they have assessed your needs, they issue you with a number on a card to be kept at all times with the carer and person with Parkinsons. In the event of an emergency, this will be used to firstly contact a nominated family or friend, and if they are not available, they will send someone to look after the person with Parkinson’s for up to 72 hours so that care can be arranged fully, or the carer returns.

Click here for further information or you can call them on Rugby 01788 573653.

If you think that you are approaching the time when you would feel at ease by having this arrangement, sort it out now, rather than later.