There are times when you need special equipment to make your life a lot safer and easier.

It is sometimes difficult to know what equipment  will make life easier for you, whether the things that you have seen advertised are right for you, and even if there is anything available to sort out the difficulty that you are having. If you start having problems with everyday tasks, ask other people if they have any solutions, have a look on the PUK website for ideas, and talk to us.Before you go and buy , stop and ask!

Some of the equipment you need will be provided free, but due to increasing pressures on health and social services, and depending on where we live, you may find yourself having to pay a significant amount for things that you may need.

  • Lisa Turley, your local parkinsons advisor has a wealth of information about what is available free, what grants there are, and also what suppliers give Parkinsons clients special discounts. She will come and work out with you what you need, and help you fill in those long application forms. Sometimes things that sound wonderful that other people have, may not be the best thing to help you.
  • Rugby Branch of Parkinsons  have set aside an Equipment Fund that can be accessed if other ways of getting funding fail. Ask Lisa, she will come and work with you to assess your needs, and if she thinks you may be suitable, she will have a meeting with the Chair and Treasurer, to work out how much to award you. This is carried out in the strictest of confidence, and the decsion is final. Anyone in the Rugby are with Parkinsons can apply and each claimant can be given up to £500 in a year, providing funds allow.