Parkinsons can leave you feeling quite lonely, isolated and in need of support of other people, but finding places that you can go is difficult. Of course there are the things that we offer (check out our events pages), but there are lots of other places in the Rugby area that offer activities, coffee chat groups and support that you can access. If you are a younger person with Parkinson’s, we recognise that these may not be for you and we are anxious to hear from you to set up a more targeted group-so please get in touch and we will set one up.

So where are these places? Its time to think about things in a new light. Many care facilities have now recognised that it is important to reach out to people on the start of a journey with a disease, and that offering people support and friendship at the early stages makes life easier for them,  staff can help with problems, and get to know them before help may be needed, and you will feel more confident and less isolated if you know more people living and caring with similar conditions. For the care facilities it also means that their clients mix with new people, and keep friendships in the wider community.

On these pages we will keep you up to date on things on offer in Rugby.