Information Week

During the week October 14-19th we will be in Rugby Central fund raising but also manning a stall with information about our branch and Parkinson’s.

We would love to see you there to chat to you about our branch and offer any advice that you may need. If you would like to help please get in touch – contact Bill on 01788 542682.

Medication and BREXIT

There has been a lot of different reports about the availability of  some medication if there is a hard BREXIT. We have been told that the companies that supply the main drugs for Parkinson’s have made plans,  creating a stock pile and changing ports used.

The advice is to make  sure that you order your next supply of medication in good time, do not stock pile your own drugs and to contact your Parkinson’s nurse if you experience any difficulty in getting any medication, so that they can contact pharmacies who may have your drugs under a different label name.

We will keep you updated if this situation changes.

Rugby Lotto Launch

This is exciting and fun news! As you may have heard Rugby have launched a lotto to raise funds for local causes,and we have been  accepted as one of those causes. For £1 a week you can choose six  numbers on a ticket, and every ticket has a chance of winning up to  £25000 on the Saturday night draw. The prizes  range from 3 extra  tickets for two numbers in a row, and then £25, £250, £2000 and up to  the jackpot. The odds of winning a prize are reckoned to be about 50:1.

Sixty percent of the ticket sales go to charity, with our branch  getting 50% of the money, and the remaining 10% going into the Rugby  Community Good Causes Funds.

So how do you take part? Buy your tickets and the money then comes to us. Its as easy  as that!!!

The first draw in on May 4th, so instead of doing the National  Lottery, help us, and be more likely to win something!!!

Tell all your friends, neighbours and family to do the lotto for us as  well. The more we raise, the better it is for us, Rugby and you.

Good Luck!!