Parkinsons Services through the NHS

The NHS in Rugby and the surrounding areas is led by Dr Lucy Strens,  and has a very active team. For more infromation about their services and how to contact the specialists, therapists and nurses working in our area please visit

Having Parkinsons, or supporting someone with Parkinsons, can at times leave you feeling very isolated and not knowing who to turn to for help. We at the branch are here to try and help, but due to safe guarding and charity rules, we are not allowed to come and visit you in your own home. However, through the branch meeting and carers groups we are available to talk to, and you can also phone any of the committee for advice. It is probable that we do not know the answer, but we do know people that can help!

Lisa Turley, your Parkinsons advisor, and your Parkinsons nurse are mines of helpful information on all sorts of issues like equipment, funny little symptoms that you are not sure if they are Parkinsons related,money etc

Parkinsons UK Website . Please visit this site regularly if you can. The site has an online shop where you can get leaflets and booklets about all sorts of everyday problems. They also have an ONLINE FORUM where you can talk to people about problems you are having and get answers from other sufferers or professionals.

The Carer’s Trust

9 Lawford Road Rugby 024 7610 1040

This is a charity that has been set up to ensure that carers are supported as much as possible so that they can care and look after themselves too.  Lisa Turley will liase with the Parkinsons medical team and offers a more specialised Parkinsons service. The Carers Trust is a supplement to Lisa and offers a more general service in Rugby to support you as a carer. They offer

  • A Wellbeing Check – an opportunity to talk through your individual situation and help you plan to deal with your caring role while maintaining your own wellbeing
  • Identifying training to help you in your caring role-this can be at your home to help you work out how to move your partner around your own home.
  • Accessing discounted services
  • Providing an Emergency Card
  • Providing up-to-date information about local services and how to access them
  • Sending out regular e-bulletins
  • Providing information and advice about issues that concern family carers, including:
    • Money and benefits
    • National and local organisations offering information and support
    • Local health and social care services
    • Relief care
    • Aids and adaptations
    • Your rights at work

Our local lady at Carer’s Trust is Daksha, and she can often be found at the Claremount Center on a Tuesday in the café. We are hoping that she will be a regular face at the Carers Meeting and you can seek her out for a chat.