Unfortunately, due to charity rules around insurance and safe guarding, we as a branch cannot offer transport. Of course if you want to ask friends in the branch if you can have a lift, or offer lifts to people you know, that is completely okay, but we cannot organise a rota. However there are two services that can be very useful to you and there is some help available.


The Rugby Transport Service is organised by CAVA and is run by vetted voluntary drivers in their own cars. They can take you, not only to hospital appointments, but also to events run by PUK if you cannot get there yourself, because  you find public transport too difficult, or due to where you live, public transport is not available or is infrequent. They charge 45p a mile, with a £2 administration fee and need to be booked five days or more in advance.

If you live in a care home, or due to your Parkinsons, cannot use public transport, and you want to come to our events, please talk to Margaret Saxon or Sally Dyer, as we have a small fund available to help with these  transport costs in some cases.

To book, or for more information call 01788 561295 from Monday to Friday 10am-1pm, or visit

Transport map


If you live outside of Rugby town in one of the villages there is a new minibus service run  by Warwickshire County Council called Dial a Ride that is available for those who cannot use public transport due to their disability, or for those who cannot access public transport due to its frequency, to get into Rugby town to shop or socialise.The area has been divided up into zones, and dependant on where you live, on a set day for that zone, you can book a door to door fully accessible minibus for the return fee of £5(free if you have a consessionary bus pass). It runs between 10am start of pick ups and 2.30pm return to houses . Once you register with the service , you just need to prebook a few days in advance.

Phone 01788 226000 for more information, or visit


ZONE A Monday , B Tuesday, C Wednesday, D Thursday, E Friday